"In our society, letting others find out that you're a nice person is very risky move. It is extremely likely that someone would take advantage of that." -Senjougahara Hitagi

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today ♥ ♥ and something ♥
4:12 AM
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♥ ♥
the feel of "WAW" yesterday,is still i can feel today :O
my legs are hurted..
but im still very happy,eventhou' it's not the same as when im in 2nd grade jhs
:( :( :( :( :( i dont even very happy when my friend said
*it's not the same as when 1 year ago* and began to cry .. im just sighing that time
well .. it's already happened ^^" i wish i can make it happen again .. *hopes*
♥ ♥
well , i rather be with my folks a year ago than nowadays , it feels like
we are have many groups on 1 class , we're not like a one family as like a year ago :(
i don't like it ,and my friends too .. even we lost one friend , emmm
not lost at all , but he's tried to go far far away from us , he's not wanna be our friends anymore :(
it hurts ..
♥ ♥
and yes , bcoz of his stubborn ! we're cry bcoz of him ,and he's still .... ahk ! WTF!
we're beg of him .. we're cry of him .. we're try to speak with him but what is his respond huh ??
is it hurt ?? YES !! and now im afraid to talk with him,i don't want to cry anymore
just bcoz of him , even we're don't be a friend on FaceBook !! jerk nah~
but when i hear his voice , and his laughs , i feel like a ..
remind me with a year ago ..
why don't we like that anymore ??
now ... he's a starnger that run out of the path of friend ..

you'll never know our feelings