"In our society, letting others find out that you're a nice person is very risky move. It is extremely likely that someone would take advantage of that." -Senjougahara Hitagi

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TEST ;-)
8:13 PM
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this post suppose to be a testing post bec i'm currently workin on a kawaii blog duh. that so is not my style but whuteva... 

quote here
lalalala what should i do. I MISS YOU. that was a massive joke.  

scary day O.O o-o-o
5:48 AM
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owiiieeeee~ i almost going crazy with this game O.O ahahah~ freaky game , so creepy nee~ -.-
huph~ tapi harus dicoba ni game D:
ga bole ampe ga dcoba , tapi jantungnya jgn lemah yeph~ someone with faint hearts are unable to play this game [!] it's a warning :P hihihi~
check this link out yooooooo :
yuhhuuuuuu~ ada 2 neh .. cobain dua2nyah :D
wajib ntu wajib bgt :P
gila , hari ne drumah juju uda kea orang gila , teriak2 da ky apaan tw *laughs* gara2 game ini

caranya cuma dklik klik aja sesuatu yg ada dsna ~ just click on something and then *POP* GHOST !! O.O and maybe you'll pass out *jangan ampe tapi* bner2 mengerikan :P hiks hiksmpe bkin nagis ntu setan ... heuh~ tapi lega uy habis main bgtuan ...